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Ofsted and Diocesan Inspection Reports

Ofsted, Section 5 Inspection - May 2023

'Relationships are at the heart of this school. Pupils, staff and parents feel a part of the warm, friendly school community'

Clifton Diocese, Section 48 Inspection - July 2022

This is a good school because:

  • Pupils, parents and staff are extremely proud of their school community.
  • The governing body is committed to developing and supporting all aspects of the Catholic life of the school.
  • Chaplaincy within the school is vibrant and is led effectively and enthusiastically.
  • Prayer is central to the life of the school and the school has invested in training for both pupils and staff, as a result, pupils are competent at leading prayer within the school.
  • The school has made rapid progress in developing the Catholic life of the school in a very short space of time, and the development of religious education is a priority for the school.

Ofsted, Section 8 Inspection - March 2020

This is a good school because:

  • Pupils are polite, friendly and confident.
  • Pupils feel safe and secure in school.
  • Pupils enjoy positive and supportive relationships both with staff and each other.
  • Behaviour in and around the school is good.
  • Leaders provide pupils with many opportunities to be active, confident and healthy members of society.
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