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Ofsted and Diocesan Inspection Reports

Section 48 Inspection - July 2022

This is a good school because:

  • Pupils, parents and staff are extremely proud of their school community.
  • The governing body is committed to developing and supporting all aspects of the Catholic life of the school.
  • Chaplaincy within the school is vibrant and is led effectively and enthusiastically.
  • Prayer is central to the life of the school and the school has invested in training for both pupils and staff, as a result, pupils are competent at leading prayer within the school.
  • The school has made rapid progress in developing the Catholic life of the school in a very short space of time, and the development of religious education is a priority for the school.

Ofsted Inspection Date - March 2020

This is a good school because:

  • Pupils are polite, friendly and confident.
  • Pupils feel safe and secure in school.
  • Pupils enjoy positive and supportive relationships both with staff and each other.
  • Behaviour in and around the school is good.
  • Leaders provide pupils with many opportunities to be active, confident and healthy members of society.

Ofsted Inspection Date - December 2015

The school continues to be good because:

  • The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the previous inspection. Together with your governors, you have provided strong leadership and the ambition to continue to improve the school. Since your appointment two years ago, you have faced challenges, particularly relating to changes in staffing. However, you demonstrate resilience and optimism and are driving improvements with conviction and determination. The school is now well placed to continue to improve to ensure that every child is given the opportunity to succeed at St Benedict’s.
  • The previous inspection report identified the need to involve pupils in improving aspects of their learning, school life and the wider community. You have acted to widen the impact of the school council’s work. Pupils meet regularly. They make important decisions to enhance their learning and feel included in actions taken to improve their school. 
  • ​You and your governors have an accurate knowledge of the school’s strengths and continued areas for improvement. The school’s action plan and subject action plans drawn up by your middle leaders set out what needs to be improved further. For example, you immediately recognised the dip in standards in 2015 and are taking the necessary steps to tackle this. Although work in books confirms pupils are now making faster progress, you are not complacent and recognise that there is further work to do.​​​
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